Self Exclusion Programs

Many people visit clubs and pubs every week in Victoria and for most it is enjoyable entertainment. However, some people may experience problems arising from their gambling activities. For these people Community Clubs Victoria (CCV) and the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) manage Self-Exclusion Programs as a major responsible gambling initiative.

What is Self Exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a program for people who have made a choice to exclude themselves from playing gaming machines at a particular or group of venues. People who choose to enter the program make a commitment that they will not enter the restricted gaming area of venue/s from which they choose to be excluded. If you decide to self-exclude from gaming machine play you can still enjoy the other facilities of the venue/s including the restaurant and sporting facilities.

How do I exclude myself?

Ask any staff member or contact the Associations on:

  • (03) 9654 3491 (Australian Hotels Association) 24/7  
  • 03 8851 4949 24/7

What does self-exclusion involve?

Self-exclusion is free and customers’ details are treated discreetly at all times. The process for people who wish to self-exclude from venues participating in the program is simple:

  • You attend an interview and sign a deed of self-exclusion by which you undertake not to enter gaming areas of the venues from which you nominate to be excluded.
  • The interview can take place in Melbourne or at a regional location to suit your needs.
  • A Gamblers Help counsellor can be invited to attend at the interview if you wish.
  • Your photo is taken, which is then forwarded to the venues you have nominated.
  • The deed authorises the management of the venues you have nominated to take reasonable steps to ensure you do not enter the gaming areas.
  • You set the self-exclusion period which must be at least 6 months and can be up to 2 years.
  • You can add venues to your list of those you wish to be excluded from by contacting CCV or the AHA. You can also extend the term of your deed if you so wish.
  • Although this program is for clubs and pubs there are protocols in place to assist people who also wish to self-exclude from the casino.